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Policies and Procedures

General Policies, Rules & Regulations

Barbara & George H.W. Bush Convention Center (BCC)

Policies and guidelines are approved by the VisitMidland Tourism Commission.


  • Signage and Decorations are NOT to be affixed in any way to the ceilings, walls, painted surfaces, fire sprinklers, fabric walls/air walls, or projector screens.
  • All graphics must be approved by BCC Staff.
  • No clings of any sort are permitted on our floors without prior approval.
  • The Client's responsibility is to inform event vendors, exhibitors, speakers, and staff of the policy.
  • Discuss needs with BCC Management for further information on appropriate displaying methods.
  • Damages resulting from improper use of these materials will be charged directly to the Client.


  • Air conditioning and/or heating is provided during published event hours. BCC Staff presets the temperature.


  • Vendors that provide alcohol service are required to use TABC certified servers.
  • There is no “BYOB” via TABC state regulations.
  • Alcoholic beverages are NOT prohibited at any event honoring a minor.
  • Per TABC regulations, events with alcohol will require at least two (2) security officers that must be either from the Midland Police Department or Midland Sheriff’s Officers.
  • No alcohol can be left in the building overnight.
  • Alcohol is only allowed on the premises only when a TABC Permit is active.


  • BCC is ADA compliant. As new standards are introduced, it is our goal to implement those changes or upgrades in a timely manner. In accordance with the ADA, we are responsible for permanent premises access accommodation, such as, but not limited to, wheelchair lifts, elevator standards, door width standards, and restroom accessibility.
  • The Client’s responsibility is to provide non-permanent accessibility requirements, such as, but not limited to, hearing-assisted or visually assisted devices and temporary seating accessibility and/or interpreters.


  • All food and beverage services must be prepared by an approved caterer. A full list of approved caterers and alcohol providers can be found at Approved Caterers (bushconventioncenter.com).
  • New caterers can be added to BCC’s list by completing the required paperwork. Caterer must be on BCC’s list at least 30 days prior to your event.
  • No outside food or drink may be brought into BCC.
  • Only approved caterers will have the opportunity to rent the kitchen.
  • Kitchen maybe rented for the day of an event only.
  • Vendors that provide alcohol service are required to use TABC certified servers at all times.


  • Chocolate fountains cannot be brought into or operated in BCC except by an approved professional caterer. See BCC Management for the approved caterer list.



  • Exhibit floor crate storage is allowed on the exhibit floors during the time of Event Rental under the following conditions and with Fire Marshal approval.
  • In areas no larger than 10 feet by 50 feet and no higher than eight feet.
  • There must be 10 feet of clear aisle space separating adjacent storage areas.
  • Areas must be within leased space.
  • Provide paths of travel to common exits.
  • Marked exit ways.
  • Separated from exhibit space by pipe and drape, or other traditional service contractor supplied materials.
  • Kept neat, clean, and orderly throughout the course of your time in the facility.
  • Predefined on your floor plans.


  • ASCAP, BMI, dramatist fees, copyright license fees, patent fees, or any other fee or royalty attached to copyrighted or proprietary material are the responsibility of the Client. Please ensure that the appropriate reporting and payment of fees cover all presentations associated with an event. BCC is not responsible for any violation for infringement of the rights of any owner or presented material.


  • BCC does not allow drones inside the facility or around the perimeter. For additional information, contact BCC Management.


  • BCC provides Client and vendors access to electricity throughout the facility.
  • Any extension cords and cables must be secured with approved Gaffer Tape or Cord Covers to prevent tripping hazards.
  • Equipment needing excessive power, or non-standard/non-110-volt power needs prior written approval by BCC Management.
  • Any electrical modifications needed for a client must have prior written approval, be contracted by BCC contracted vendors, and may incur a charge to the Client.


  • BCC’s equipment inventory is usually adequate to accommodate several simultaneous events.
  • Let BCC Management know what your needs are as soon as possible.
  • When the inventory is exhausted, it is the responsibility of the Client to make arrangements for additional equipment needs.
  • BCC does not rent any equipment out for use outside of the BCC.



  • BCC cleans all common areas (i.e., restrooms, lobbies, pre-function spaces, etc.).


  • Cleanup time is within rented hours.
  • Place all trash into lined garbage cans provided by BCC.
  • Clean all decorating debris before and after event.
  • Pick up all trash items from the floor that are too large to vacuum and place them into trash cans. BCC will vacuum or sweep.
  • Contact on-duty BCC staff for cleanup instructions if spillage occurs.
  • Stacking chairs or vacuuming is not required unless there is excessive small trash on floors. See BCC staff if you have any questions.
  • BCC will provide lined garbage cans for all events and carry out bagged trash. Please notify BCC staff if full cans need to be replaced with empty ones.
  • Excessive cleanup, such as breaking down and removing crates, boxes, packing materials, or decorations, may result in additional charges.
  • The Client may hire out any additional cleaning services needed by an event at the Clients expense. (Ask BCC for recommendations)



  • Any exhibit, tent, or event that uses lasers, open flame, pyrotechnic or anything of a flammable nature requires prior written approval and could be subject to a fire permit. Please see BCC Management to determine requirements.
  • All real flame candles must be in glass containers and placed in a fireproof vase, such as glass.


  • Licensed handguns (both concealed carry and open carry) are permitted on-premises, as allowed by state law, unless the type of event being held at BCC falls under an exception that would prohibit a person with a license to carry a handgun at the event.
  • Any exceptions will be determined on a case-by-case basis by BCC Management and will be in accordance with state law.
  • Handguns must be carried in a manner that is allowed by state law.
  • Unlicensed handguns are NOT PERMITTED on the premises.
  • Police department or BCC staff may request proof of handgun license. Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated.


  • It is the responsibility of the Client to make arrangements for first aid services for events at BCC.
  • Should event demographics or numbers demonstrate the need for such coverage, BCC reserves the right to require Client to engage first aid services for an event.
  • You may contact BCC Management for a list of providers.


  • Use of a fog machine or any item that emits excessive smoke is prohibited without prior approval of BCC Management.
  • Water-based smoke/fog machines only.


  • Food and beverage product exhibitors who are part of an event and are lawful manufacturers or distributors of food and/or beverage products may distribute samples.
  • Samples must be distributed from those specific exhibitor booth locations only.
  • Samples may not exceed two ounces by weight of a solid product and four ounces by volume of a nonalcoholic beverage product.
  • BCC approved alcohol provider must service all alcoholic beverage sampling. See BCC Management for a list of approved providers.
  • Approval for the distribution of samples must be obtained prior to an event.
  • Liability insurance and health permits are also required.


  • BCC will not accept delivery of show materials or freight. Freight or shipping carriers must deliver freight to the attention of Client, or official service contractor.
  • If your event does not have an official service contractor and your shipment cannot be hand carried to your space, then you must use the loading zone and have appropriate labor hired to accept and deliver to your space regardless of location.
  • Delivery address must reference the name of the event location (i.e., exhibit hall or meeting room), Client name and must not arrive until the first contracted show day. See BCC Management for more info.


  • All gas cylinders must be securely fastened to a carriage or to a fixed location at all times and may be subject to Fire Marshal review.
  • Must obtain prior written approval.


  • Please call 432-687-8250 or email info@bushcc.com for information on pricing.
  • Pricing is subject to change.


  • Helium Balloons must have prior approval from BCC Management.
  • Helium balloons may be used for decorative purposes when they are permanently affixed to authorized displays.
  • If helium balloons are released for any reason within the facility, labor costs associated with the removal of the balloons will be charged to the Client at the prevailing rate.
  • Helium balloons distributed outside the facility shall not be permitted inside the building.
  • Helium balloons may not be released into the outside environment from BCC premises.
  • Balloons with Confetti in them are not allowed.
  • Balloons and Balloon arches are not to be affixed to the walls or structures.


  • BCC staff can provide basic A/V and Lighting services if requested. These services are limited to the use of 2 microphones and the use of our in-house video projectors and screens.
  • BCC Staff can set 2 presets on the lighting presets for an event. Client is responsible for operating lights during the event. The presets must be set-up before the Event starts.
  • Light capabilities are High, Medium, Low, and a few customizable dimmable lights (these are room lights not Theatrical Stage Lights).
  • Additional A/V or Lighting needs, an event may bring in a vendor to operate those for the event at the client’s expense.
  • Currently, only FitzCoSound and Lubbock AV are approved vendors that are allowed access to BCC house equipment.
  • Any other outside A/V or Lighting providers, including DJs, will NOT have access to the BCC house audio system and need to bring their equipment.
  • Prior approval and planning are needed for installing outside truss, sound and lighting equipment, fees will be inquired for the use of BCC lifts and operators if they are needed. Only BCC staff can operate BCC-owned equipment. BCC does not install any non-BCC equipment.
  • Any client needing access to BCC house video projection system needs to contact BCC management at least 10 business days before the event to work out set-up requirements.
  • Connections to the BCC house video system are via HDMI or VGA. (Renter needs to bring adaptor.) If the Client wishes to use a BCC computer for their event, the Client needs to contact BCC management to add to the event proposal. Additional charges for the use of BCC equipment may apply.
  • Any content for the BCC Digital Signs (Monitors beside meeting space) must be submitted to BCC management at least 5 business days before the first event day. Any last-minute content changes may not be able to be changed.
  • Noise levels must not disrupt other events or the outside public or violate any applicable City of Midland ordinances. All music played at public or non-ticketed events must adhere to a (PG) rating. If the music is not the clean or edited version, entry into the event must be restricted to ticketed attendees only, and a warning about its explicit nature must be prominently displayed on both the ticket and at the event venue. Events featuring live bands or DJ performances require event insurance unless BCC Management grants an exemption. Additionally, events with a band or DJ may incur a fee for electricity usage. Allowing noise levels exceeding 85 decibels rests solely with BCC Management
  • BCC’s Facility Rental Agreement is the governing document for an event.

  • BCC is not responsible for lost items. However, every effort shall be made by our staff to see that property found or turned in is handled in such a way as to provide the best possible opportunity for the return of that property to its rightful owner.
  • Please note that unclaimed items may be disposed of at the discretion of BCC Management.


Load/Weight limits on floors are as follows. Please see BCC Management with any questions.

  • Exhibit Floor - 350 pounds per square foot (psf) distributed load.
  • Common Areas/Lobbies - 100 (psf) distributed load.
  • Ballroom - 150 (psf) distributed load.
  • Meeting Rooms - 50 (psf) distributed load.


  • BCC provides a loading zone off Main Street between Texas Avenue and Wall Street.
  • Only on a limited and most restricted basis are any on-site parking permits issued for the loading docks or front drive.
  • Any parking permits issued for the dock or front-drive are under the condition that the holder of the permit assumes all liability. Please see BCC Management for additional assistance with parking requirements or for special arrangements.
  • Once items have been unloaded into the facility, vehicles need to be moved from the loading area as soon as possible.



  • Client is responsible for all damage during an event.
  • Client will be responsible for cleaning costs associated with the removal of stains.
  • If the carpet/wall coverings cannot be sufficiently cleaned or if the damage is severe (cuts, rips or tears), the Client will be responsible for the carpet or wall covering replacement cost.


  • Exhibitors are responsible for providing or arranging their own signage and carpeting in the booth area.
  • Tabletop displays may be allowed without additional treatments.
  • Exhibits that have excessively dirty or heavy items may be required to furnish Table protectors. (i.e., Core boxes, rocks, saws, heavy display cases)
  • Damage to tables is at the Client's expense.
  • Any carpeted area used for commercial exhibits or substantial displays must have an additional protective carpet laid over BCC’s carpet to protect it from excessive wear and tear or damage.
  • For further clarification, see BCC Management.


  • Maximum occupancies are assigned for each of the meeting spaces by fire code. Please adhere to set limits.
  • If you have dedicated refresh schedule requirements beyond the removal of trash, appropriate labor charges will apply in relation to the scope of the work to be done. Additional charges may be assessed for excessive trash.
  • Our staff does not bus tables.


  • To the extent of our inventory, a one-time setup within each of your leased meeting space is provided.
  • Changes to the one-time setup and additional room sets or changeovers will be charged accordingly to the client.
  • Instructions for room set-up are the Client's responsibility and should be given to BCC Management at least ten days prior to the event.


  • Except as otherwise stipulated in the applicable Facility Rental Agreement, BCC retains the exclusive right to approve, sell and/or collect a commission from any event-related novelty or merchandise item.
  • Any items to be sold require prior approval.


  • ADA needs will be accommodated.
  • For safety reasons, motorized carts, including segways, are not allowed in any public areas, including the lobby.
  • To reduce the risk of accidents, please exercise due caution when operating motorized carts in approved areas.
  • Hoverboards, skateboards, and bicycles are not permitted.


  • Service animals are welcome.
  • Pets are not allowed at BCC.
  • BCC follows ADA guidelines regarding service animals which are defined as any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability.
  • To avoid confusion, we ask that service animals wear identifying harnesses or collars.
  • If the service animal does not have identifying harnesses or collars, staff may request to see the service animal’s license or registration.
  • If the animal is not licensed or registered, staff may inquire to verify that the animal in question is a service animal needed to aid a person with disabilities.
  • The care or supervision of a service animal is solely the responsibility of its owner.
  • BCC does not provide care, food, or special locations for service animals.



  • There are 132 free public parking spaces in the Wall Street Loft parking garage levels 1 and 2. You access this garage from Texas Avenue east of Main Street. There are 200 free public parking spaces in the parking garage beside the DoubleTree Hotel on levels 3, 4 and 5. These two garages (332 parking spaces) are less than half a block from the BCC. There are 110 parking spaces in the Federal Court House parking lot that can be used on the weekends and after 5 pm during the week. This lot is between Texas Avenue and Wall Street off Baird Street. This lot is one block from the BCC. There are approximately 200 street parking spots within 2 blocks of the BCC that can be used on the weekends and after 5 pm on weekdays.
  • Please see our parking map at https://www.bushconventioncenter.com/p/attend/18


  • Passenger drop-off is located on Texas Avenue. No parking is allowed in the Texas Avenue Drop-Off area.


  • BCC has operable walls in our meeting rooms, ballrooms, and exhibit halls.
  • Only BCC staff may move walls.
  • The walls separate leased spaces into the desired configuration.
  • Once the walls are set per Client specifications, a charge will be incurred for any additional wall movement, all changes must be arranged with BCC 10 days prior to the event.


  • It is the Client’s responsibility to arrange for event security if they want security.
  • The Client will work with BCC Management to ensure event security meets BCC guidelines.
  • Per TABC regulations, events with alcohol will require at least two (2) security officers that must be from the Midland Police Department or Midland County Sheriff's Department.
  • Events with large numbers of minors or events deemed to be “high risk” by BCC will also be required to provide event security.
  • The Client will schedule and pay the event security officers directly.


  • BCC has security cameras inside and outside the building. These cameras are part of our security team’s efforts to ensure the safety of our clients and the public.
  • All ticket sales for an event on the Premises shall be the Client's sole responsibility.
  • There are no built-in/permanent stages at BCC.
  • This design is to allow for flexibility of the space.
  • Client should speak with BCC Management about staging needs before your event.


  • BCC provides free Wi-Fi access inside the Center. Vendors may have access to a secure and password-protected Wi-Fi connection.
  • Hard wired/ethernet access is available upon request. Please contact BCC Management for assistance and special needs.


  • Client listed in the Event Proposal is granting permission for the Bush Convention Center, its agents, and employees the irrevocable and unrestricted right to reproduce the photographs and video images taken of anyone attending or anything at the event, for the purpose of publication, promotion, illustration, advertising, and social media, in any manner.
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